Within the project developed on the basis of the DIA16117 / 124 Adolescent Diabetes Camps and Support Groups, funded by the Lions Clubs International Foundation together with Lions Club Ploiesti and District 124 Romania, on Friday October 26, 2018, one of the support group sessions for children was held.

Thus, the psychologist Iuliana Gheorghe counseled  the ten children attending the session, ensuring:

• emotional support to healthfully overcome the family and social crisis caused by life with type 1 diabetes;

• development of adaptive behaviors, based on the correct understanding of the life situation which they are crossing;

• prevent the occurrence of parental alienation syndrome;

• healthy and securely unloading the tensions associated with the trauma of the family conflict;

• developing  the capacity to build positive relationships based on trust and authentic communication;

• prevent the emergence of behavioral disorders associated with the type of lifestyle caused by diabete.


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