Ten memebers of Lions Club Ploiesti were participated between 9 and 11 November 2018 to the National Autumn Convention of lions clubs from District 124 Romania, held in Oradea.

During that two convention days, seven members of Lions Club Ploiesti were participated to the plennary sesions and  to organization and derulation of the international Peace Posters Contest, national level.

We are proud because like another clubs from the country, in September we organized the  Lion  Heart Cross-Tour Ploiesti, edition I, to promote the moving, in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Thus, in October we organized the yearly oftlamologic screening for children betwen 5 and 6 years old, from Sf. Vasile school in Ploiesti, Prahova county.

At the beginning of November we organized the event for awarded the children who participated to the Peace Poster Contest, competition at the club level.

Our members are linked and together we can due a lot of actions with impact to the comunity.


Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world, made up of people with a recognized moral and social position, able to improve the fate of the poor, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


Lions Club Ploiesti

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