Ophthalmologic screening in Prahova County – Gornetu and Mocesti Villages

Ophthalmologic screening in Prahova County – Gornetu and Mocesti Villages

The project "Clear vision, Healthy eyesis focused on child’s vision protection and prevention of permanent visual shortcomings, with the objective of informing and sensitizing parents and educators about the importance of preventive control for children eyes.

In this project launched by Lions Club International and took over Lions Club DISTRICT 124 ROMANIA, Lions Club Ploiesti Association organized starting with year 2010 some actions for testing sights for scholar and pre scholar children from Ploiesti city and Prahova county.

Actions had a real success, the children identified with sights problems were guided to specialized evaluation for received adequate treatments. A lot of these children were with their parents at the ophthalmologic consult. Thus, they come back to school or kindergarten wearing glasses.

The measurements were performed for free, using the latest device PLUSOPTIX. The device allows visual examination of the basic parameters since the young ages (4-6 months), actual measurements are easily made, the comfort of child and parent is maximum. Are measured and analyzed in a few fractions of a second: refraction, pupil diameter, direction and inter pupillary distance.

The action from this year, were done during two days. First day in Gornetu village were tested the children from I and II classes, and the second day, in Mocesti village, were tested the children from I-IV classes. Action has enjoyed a important participation, about 100 children aged 6 and 10 years were tested with the device PLUSOPTIX. 20% of them were diagnosed with vision problems and directed to a specialized ophthalmological consult.

The evaluated children were very receptive and obedient and the activity was well done. At the end they received an egg kinder form the Lions Club members. This moment was very important for the children who were very happy and satisfied.

Action from Thursday and Friday, 10 and 11 October 2013, is first form a series which want to develop this year in October and November, for scholar and pre scholar children from Prahova County. We hope that a big number of children will be beneficiaries of this screening. In the same time, we hope that the number of the children identified with problems will be small.

The eye screening it is in order with the actions for prevention and early identified of the sight problems at the children and will be completed in November with screening for diabetes. This action will be done around the International Day for Diabetes.

“Clear sight, healthy eyes” is the motto under which the Lions Club Ploiesti members will be participate with dedication, like last year, to the actions of screening for children, having the hope that by their activities, to contribute unconditionally to identify and reduce the sight problems.


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