“Peace Posters “ Contest 2013

“Peace Posters “ Contest 2013

Each year, Lions clubs from all around the world proudly sponsored The International Contest "Peace Posters", addressed to local schools and youth groups.

This art contest for children encourages young people worldwide to express their own visions of peace. Internationally, the grand winner will receive $ 5,000, and the 23 drawings, ranked as the best will receive $ 500 and a certificate/diploma.

Each club is entitled to send to the District a single drawing, each entry must have a single author, and it will remain property of the club or district.

Winning designs at clubs – which respect the contest criteria, will be judged by the National Commission in the second national meeting of the District which will be held in Sibiu on 8-10 November 2013.

This year, at the event organized by Lions Club Ploiesti, were invited 12 schools from Ploiesti, from which 8 responded, namely: Rares Voda Ploiesti-School, Sfanta Vineri Ploiesti-School, National College Mihai Viteazu Ploiesti,CollegeIon Luca Caragiale Ploiesti, George Cosbuc Ploiesti School, Toma Caragiu-Ploiesti School; Nicolae Titulescu Ploiesti-School, International Spectrum Ploiesti- School.                                                                                                                   

The lionistic theme of the year 2013-2014, was “OUR WORLD, OUR FUTURE”.

Children tried to outline their vision for the future, as they see the evolution of the society. This year, at Ploiesti, the competition was a real success; we were “invaded” with great works, 64 at number, which made the final choice very difficult for us.

Lions met and voted each paper. The “battle” was close, children proved how talented they are and we were delighted with true works of art.

This year the top four places were occupied by:

  1. Dumitru Cristiana, Nicolae Titulescu, Ploiesti-School;
  2. Gondore Mihai, Rares Voda, Ploiesti, School;
  3. Alexandru Daniela, Rares Voda, Ploiesti, School;
  4. Marin Andreea, Rares Voda, Ploiesti, School.

Children were rewarded with 1000, 500, 300 and 100 RON.

This four, were not the only to be awarded, Lions members, granted 12 more special mentions:

Nicolae Ana Maria- Rares Voda Ploiesti-School; Rogojan David- College Mihai Viteazu Ploiesti; Baba Cristiana- Rares Voda Ploiesti School; Padiu Isabela -College Mihai Viteazu , Ploiesti; Dinescu Stefania- Rares Voda Ploiesti- School;

Nastasi Andreea- Sf Vineri Ploiesti School;Dinescu Cristiana Claudia-Sf. Vineri Ploiesti School; Musca Alexandru Iustinian-College Mihai Viteazu Ploiesti;Jucatoru Andrei Catalin- Sf Vineri Ploiesti School; Petre Miruna- College Mihai Viteazu -Ploiesti; Iliescu Andrei - Spectrum Ploiesti-School; Nicolae Eliza- College Ion Luca Caragiale.

Children received diplomas, sweets and toys.

The “Peace Posters “contest, is a 25 years old story, internationally, and of 5 years in Ploiesti.

Is a very powerful story about cooperation and power to change things that we hope to carry on in time and we are grateful to everyone that responded positively to this lionistic action: children, teachers, media and volunteers.


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