Cabinet Meeting Campulung JULY 2013

Cabinet Meeting D124 Romania – Campulung Muscel

The informal cabinet meeting for 2013-2014 Lionistic Year  held in Campulung Muscel, Saturday July 20, 2013, at 1100, in the festivities room of the City Hall.

The objective of this meeting was the  handover between the two cabinets, and presenting the governnment program 2013 - 2014 by the District Governor Mirela Grigorovici. Lions Club  Ploiesti was represented by two members, Tony Tache serving as secretary of District 124 Romania for the lionistic year 2013-2014.

In the speeches that they had, all members of the District Leadership bounced the Romanian delegation participation to the International Convention in Hamburg, considering that for a better international representation of our country, it requires a more careful preparation of this event.

Was specified the position of a new international governor, Barry Palmer, namely that  the piller of the lionitic activity for the 2013-2014 period will be the presidents of each district.

The idea of founding a seconf District in Romania was welcomed by all members of the new Cabinet.

Second Vice Governor David Istvan supported this initiative at the National Convention held in May in Bucharest. To achieve the proposed target will follow visits to the clubs in the country.

The IT Commission presented the new web site of the District, this having a new and much better structured and organized frame.

Sunda , 21 July, was an Open Day for Diham Camp, organized by the Past District Governor Andrei Kosma, between  16 and 25 July 2013.

Second Vice Governor Istvan David  and District Secretary Tony Tache , honored the invitation by participating at the traditional “Gulas” table , served every year on the occasion of receiving guests in the Diham Camp.

We thank Lions Club Campulung Muscel for organizing the meeting, and the Lions Members that every year organize Diham Camp with great passion and commitment, making young people came from different countries to participate to a full week of socializing, games and trips and a lot of good


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