Caciulata camp JULY 2013

Camp for the children with impaired hearing – Caciulata 2013

As we already know, many of Lions Club Ploiesti activities are focused on children- our Future. In addition to the events held in kindergardens, schools, childre's home, this summer we directed for the second time our attention to members of the association “ Listen Life”- association of persons with impaired hearing- among its members being part more than 200 disabled children that benefit of the success of cochlear implant.

With the company Med'El, we were together with the “Listen Life” Association , sponsoring and organizing the camp for children with cochlear implant, members of the association, during the period 08.07.2013-12.07.2013 in the famous resort Calimanesti-Caciulata.

Located at an altitude of 260-280 m in the Sub Carpathian Hollow Jiblea-Calimanesti, on the right bank of Olt river, exit from the Southern Carpathians -famous for hot springs, slightly negatively ionized air, tourist attraction, the treasures of the northern resort in Oltenia, represented an invitation to journey , to spiritual ascension of peace of mind.

We were greeted by the gentle voices of children and retrieval smiles in the seventh camp for children with cochlear implants, children of all ages have enjoyed the freedom that nature gave them, they played, swam and run free, the adults talked and worked on activities of recreation and creation and danced. Their freedom was relative. They were closely supervised by the watchful eye of parents and professionals. The camp included activities organized for professionals (doctors, psychologists, audiologists, speech therapists) and parents.

Specialists from all over the country, shared their therapeutic and educational experiences, spoke openly about the achievements and the problems encountered in the recovery of children with cochlear implant. Parents shared their own experiences to each other, they were advised and supported each other. There was the feeling that they are not alone, the feeling of solidarity of people who share the same needs, worries and concerns. They formed a group, a group in which was recovered.

They realized that being together can solve problems faster and can move slightly overweight.

About this “Listen Life “ Association enriched with new members, and the association set up new projects to support both recovering, education and school integration of  children with cochlear implants and their families.


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