Elections Meeting May 2013

Elections Meeting
Lionistic Year 2013-2014

                   On 05/14/2013, held elections meeting for the lionistic Year 2013-2014. It was attended by members of our club who supporting the lionistic movement  and were also involved  in lionistic actions developed until now.
                   The session started with the singing of hymns Lions and LEO, the national anthem, followed by the report of the president for lionistic year  which will be completed in July.
                    Activities of the year which will be completed, largely followed the typology developed in previous years: Posters for Peace, Sight Screening for preschool and school children, Diabetes Screening, Planting Trees and Shrubs. There were donations actions for disadvantaged people and children from families with limited possibilities. The most important actions of the ending year were the organizing of second cabinet meeting for District 124 Romania in November in Sinaia and Christmas Concert at Philharmonic Paul Constantinescu in Ploiesti.
                    In accordance with the rules about election to the clubs from Association District 124 Romania, was elected the new leadership of the club:

1.  President for the lionistic year 2013-2014: Gheorghe TEODORESCU
2. Vice President 1 for the lionistic year 2013-2014: Camelia KRIEB
3. Vice President 2 for the lionistic year 2013-2014: Luminita MARINOV
4.. Treasurer: Cosmin SURUGIU
5. Secretary: Carmen TACHE

                     We try, in lionistic year which beginning on July 1, 2013,  to operate as many actions; the traditional actions which are already in national programs of District 124 Romania, the further edition of  Christmas Concert. We propose that together with  the Hall of Ploiesti City, to organize, in fall, a charity ball in order to raise funds for equipping the new children's hospital in Ploiesti which will be functional in 2015.
                      All of us want to diversify the actions in the lionistic year which starting , so we cover as many of the needs of the community to which we belong.
                      At the Others moment, we listened to the treasurer's report to understand exactly how were spent the funds collected to our club account.
                      We have established a monthly meeting of the club, the last Thursday of each month, at 18 o'clock, at the club address: Trei Ierarhi street, no.2, Ploiesti.
                      We ended the meeting with the feeling that our club has become recognized in the District 124 Romania, hoping with all, to continue like now or maybe more our actions and promoting lionism in our county, hoping to involve the members of the club and growth his numerical.


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