Lens Training April 2013

LENS Training – 2013

Between 5 and 7 April 2013 was done a seminar organized by Vice Governor LENS Mirela Grigorovici in Sibiu, Hotel Roberts.

The seminar objectives were to educate the lion’s members who will be in charge to the District for the lionistic year for 2013-2014. Coordinator of the seminar was Marius Popa, second Vice District Governor 2 District 124 Romania.

Lions Club Ploiesti was present at the seminar by its four members. Two members will be part of the leadership for the District 124 in lionistic  year 2013 - 2014, holding the positions of District Secretary -Antonio TACHE  and Chairman District Zone - Cristian VISAN.

At the beginning of the seminar was to analyze the plan developed last year and that was applied during the governorate 2012-2013 by District Governor 124 Romania Paul GRECU. They talked about how the goals were achieved, then identifying the internal and external causes that prevented the success of all of them.

The debates that took place, led to the creation of a shared vision for the future of the District. Vision elements were identified to be implemented, because LIONS Romania falls in the desired direction. We analyzed the obstacles, constraints or barriers that may impede this vision to become a reality.

They set the strategic directions that we need to move to resolve obstacles / contradictions and to realize the vision. Finally we have mapped the activities, the deadlines for implementing them and have been allocated the resources.

All goals, the activities that will lead to their achievement, will be part of the district government program for 2013-2014 lionistic year. For successful realization of proposed goals, we need to contribute each of us, starting up by the club level and to the leadership district level, through volunteering, community involvement and internationally cooperation.


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