March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013 - Iordăcheanu village, Prahova

Since its founding, Lions Club Ploiesti wanted to celebrate the 8th of March together and for women.

In the last two years Lions Club Ploiesti was present through its representatives in Elderly Care Centers, from the localities Liliesti and Mislea, Prahova county. On 8 March, we donated food to prepare lunch for all the elders in the center. Institutionalized women have received a small gift and a flower. Elderly, who could do it, were surprised and also glad by our action. Many of them could be found in advanced stages of senility.

This year we thought a little cheering the hearts of people, female of course, extremely precarious financial situation, from Iordăcheanu village, Prahova county.

Lions Club members Ploiesti prepared for 25 women, bags with basic food, fruit, juice, a box of candy and personal hygiene items.

On 8 March, several members of the club including the doctor Diana Poiana, we gathered in Iordăcheanu village, Prahova county, where we celebrated the women for their international day. Together with the mayor of Iordăcheanu village, we wished for health and strength for continue to take care of their families and we offered gifts prepared.

And because we were with a doctor, a member of the club and always jumped to our voluntary actions, each woman received blood pressure taken and guidance, if necessary, by a special cabinet.

To our surprise most present women had problems, a blood pressure across and very much above the normal ranges. We thought that a cause is certainly lack of money which prevented to go and to see a specialist. We joked when we said that the meeting with us, created the new emotions which were the cause of increased blood tension.

The action was very welcome, even women had tears in her eyes, because never, really never, nobody thought one of them, with this occasion - International Women Day.

Thanks again for mayor of the village Iordăcheanu, who support this action to occur and be successful.

We were glad that we could give this year to celebrate International Women's Day, where she really needed help, enjoying the support received from us.

Because of the actions that we've developed in this community, our club is already known and people enjoy the gifts and the help which we offer them, to improve the lot of the needy, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


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