Every year, on the first day of summer, June 1, International Children's Day is celebrated, an occasion to celebrate the best time in their life - childhood, to assist children to appreciate and love children and promote the welfare of children worldwide.

Lions Club Ploiesti, through its members, attaches great importance to children. Many of the activities organized by the club in the community Prahova are directed to children, charity concerts, sight screenings, support material for study, scholarships etc.

Each helped child, educated in the values ​​and strong principles, it is a future adult, basis for society. On this day, more than ever, members of Lions Club Ploiesti, trying, once again, to carry out an awareness campaign, direct interested in the child, who must be a priority, all children needing support and our attention, day by day.

If many children had fun and celebrating with your loved ones, maybe more spoiled than the other days, it is good to know that there are children who do not have the strength to smile and they lived a life too tough for their age, realizing sad events from an early age.

Members of Lions Club Ploiesti, turned their attention to these children, who are unable to reach at childhood, too often burdened by worry, with many gaps at such age-specific.

With gifts and sweets, we visited the village Iordăcheanu, Moceşti village, Prahova county, thus celebrating children from families with a precarious financial situation.

Children waited us with smiles on their faces. The joy we felt with every gift given - cannot be described in words. For us, the members of the Lions Club Ploiesti, children are the greatest wealth and our society needs educated and healthy children to be proud of them.

We serve with excellence!


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