The last week-end of May 2015 was full of Events for members of Lions Club Ploiesti.

They gathered in a wonderful location on the Prahova Valley region named Breaza, one of te most beautiful ares in Romania, for an action with double goal: Club Teambuilding and Foundarising to buy refrigerators for a Hospital in their Community.

As a team, as members of the same club, we are focused on obtaining the Excellence following the Club Exccelence Process teachings.Therefore, we believe that a cohesive team is Imperative to our Success.

Organizing a Teambuilding was the best ideea ever. We found out new things about our friends and colleagues and at the same time we succeded achieving a big amount of money to buy refrigerators.

The environment for this action was a friendly one. A fancy and elegant villa surrounded by nature, was the best option. All members used their cullinary skills to prepare a delicious barbeque, for the lunch that followed the Teambuilding. We found out, that our club has many Masterchefs, ready to succeed in a Cullinary activity at any time.

This Teambuilding actvity helped us develop trust among our Club members, allowed us to get to know one another on a personal level, increase collaboration by establishing a stronger bound between us, learned how to better communicate with one another, ans so on.

The entire ideea of Teambuilding and Foundrasing, came up due to Club Excellence Process. Following this ideea of achieving Excellence, made us concentrate all our resources to succeed in everything we propose.

We are more focused on what we want, more united and our results are visible in the Community day by day.

Teambuilding was a success, we ended the week end with positive thoughts, new ideeas about Lionsism and a stronger club.

Also, the satisfaction, for the raised money to buy refrigerators for the Hospital, is immeasurable.



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