Lions Club Ploiești planted 9 “Miracle Trees”-Catalpa- in the Park Cina from Ploiești APRIL 2015

Lions Club Ploiești organised, Thursday, 9 Aprile 2015, an action of planting trees in the park Cina located in Ploiesti.

The event was attended by 7th grade children from Saint Basil's School, Ploiesti, accompanied by Mrs. Roxana Taga, their class teacher.
Along with children, in these activities participateed members of Lions Club Ploiesti, responsible
of organizing the event, that had the satisfaction of supporting a good cause, with long standing impact and contributing to stimulate the interest to environment, promoting biodiversiy and obtaining a less polluted air.

Catalpa tree is 15 m tall native of North America that was introduced for ornamental parks in Europe. It is known as the tree-trumpet. Catalpa withstands cold late autumn, the drought in the summer months and pollution.

From the medical point of view, catalpa tree is a miracle of nature. The whole plant has a content of active substance, a glucoside called catalpina. Extracts from different parts of the tree - leaves, fruits, flowers, bark and roots - contain this substance and has good effect in the treatment of asthma and whooping cough.

Catalpa leaf infusion helps in curing conjunctivitis.Catalpa flower infusion is used as a remedy in cases of asthma and bronchitis. Bark is used in various traditional dishes with antifebril effect. Catalpa is a plant like rosemary with effect in chasing mosquitoes.

The event enrolls in the line of actions developed by Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs DISTRICT 124 ROMANIA, regarding the NATIONAL DAY OF PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS LIONS, PAA-15.04.2012.

Lions Club environmentalist campaign aims to continue in the coming years, this year being the 5
th , when the club organises this action.

We intend to involve local schools and communities, with successive plantings in spring and autumn, in support of environmental protection and a cleaner future for future generations.



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