Thursday, 2nd of April, 2015, members of Lions Club Ploiesti visited the Emergency Hosting Center “Ciresarii” in Ploiesti, where we gave two fully equipped computers.

The center has the capacity to host about 50 persons, main beneficiaries being children for whom it was ordered, under the law, emergency placement.
First impressions after the visit and conversation with the Head of the Centre Ms. Mirela Sterescu, was that: Yes, it is possible! We were impressed by this center; we felt devotion, love and desire to do as much good as possible.

Emergency Hosting Center “Ciresarii” Ploiesti is, by far, an essential component of Prahova County in the social protection system of Children that are abused, exploited, temporarily or permanently separated from their parents.

Emergency Hosting Center “Ciresarii”, gathers dedicated and sensitive employees, to the needs of children, persons that dedicate themselves completely, trying to create, for children, the family that they could not have at home.

Most of these children have suffered family trauma caused by physical and mental abuse, coming from vulnerable or disorganized social backgrounds.
In most cases, children get adapted so well, that they do not want to leave their 'new family', because they feel loved and protected.

This center provides accommodation, hygiene, food, equipment, bedding, educational and social programs in accordance with the legal provisions and close to a familial environment.

Also, ensures conditions of accommodation for children and prepare them for reintegration in the family or acceptance of special protection measures.
Although children have good conditions and remarkable attention, the center encounters major obstacles due to the financial situation.

The contact for Emergency Hosting Center “Ciresarii” Ploiesti is Raristei Street, no. 62C; Phone: 0244,593,264. Any help is welcome!

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