Lions all around the world, have an opportunity to show the strength of their worldwide network during a special service action campaign, called "Relieving the Hunger”, that takes place during December and January, every year.

During December and January LCI invites clubs all around the world to join this mission to help relieving hunger.

In January, members from Lions Club Ploiesti, mobilized and organized several actions that followed up  the main theme of LCI.

The First action came from the request of help, of the General Direction of Social Assistance and Protection of Child Prahova, that explained us the case of two twins, that were abandoned in a maternity  and were given into care, to a family from Telega, Prahova County.

The babies needed many things, as they were born premature: medicines, special food, clothes, medical care.

One of the things they needed the most, and that our club provided with success, was the Preterm milk powder, a very expensive type of milk and that is very difficult to be procured from drugstores.

The two babies need 5 boxes of milk, each month to survive and to benefit of a healthy growth, for several months from now on.

Every month, members of our club will supply the family that is taking care of the two twins with the necessary quantity of milk.

Another action, that aligned our club to the LCI mission of relieving hunger, was made at a social kinder-garden in Ploiesti, where were taken 25 packages with food and toys. Most of the kids from this kinder-garden are coming from poor families that cannot afford to assure them a proper living.

The children were very happy and surprised us with a song and lots of smiles.

Members from Lions Club Ploiesti, hope to organize as many projects of this kind, not only in January, or December, but whenever there will be the need into our Community. During January, we focused our entire resources on feeding the ones in need, and we are glad our purpose was accomplished.

Relieving hunger is an action that can be embraced by everyone, not only by organizing big actions of feeding the ones in need, but by just simply giving some bred on the streets to some stranger that is asking for food.


Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world, made up of people with a recognized moral and social position, able to improve the fate of the poor, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


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