This year, between 16 and 18 January 2015 was held, in Sibiu, the Second cabinet meeting of Lions District 124 Romania, which included, as every year, Lions New Year 2015.

Lions Club Ploiesti participated at this event through six members.

The evening of Friday, January 16, 2015, was dedicated to meet again the colleagues and friends Lions from all around the country, within a very organized program that included a theatre scene and a cocktail, both offered by our colleagues from the Lions clubs in Sibiu, hosts of the entire event, that handled with success the entire action.

As always, the first part of January, 17, 2015 was dedicated to carrying of, the third meeting of cabinet Lions District 124 Romania.

The main issues analyzed during the meeting, were:

-   Identifying guest families for the young lions from the world, according to the Youth Exchange International Camp- Diham;

-   Organizing training sessions in the country for the Lions Quest program – young people education for the society. The program already took place in many places within 124 District Romania, including Ploiesti, where was a real success.

-   Organizing the national training for the future Lions club presidents from the country;

-   Encouraging the Lions movement from the country by adding new members (2 new members in each club from the country; developing the “ask one” program);

-   Lions on-line magazine – activities of the country clubs, another programs developed at the national or international level;

-   Presentation of the Club Excellence Process, program by Antonio Tache, CEP Coordinator. He explained to all members the benefits of applying this program within their clubs. At Ploiesti, CEP was a success and the club is starting to see positive changes.

-   Was informed the beginning of the announcements of nominations for the Second Vice Governor, from clubs. During the meeting the first to announce his candidacy was Antonio Tache, from Lions Club Ploiesti.

Lions New Year took place Saturday night, like every year. Supporter of the event was Lion Serban Dragusanu, talented presenter for every moment of the evening. This year, the party had as theme, Romanian traditional costumes. Was organized a contest, and members that wanted dressed in national Romanian costumes.

Also was organized a bidding. Paintings from the Peace Poster contest 2014, from all around the district, were auctioned. The money will be used to support actions within the District.

There was a raffle, with objects, donated by Lions: paintings, bottles of wine, sculptures.

As every year, this year event, was a success, and our club is glad that participated through its members to such an important occasion of sharing ideas and future plans for the development of Romanian lionism. We hope to see our Lion friends, as many as they were at this action, with many realized projects, at the next cabinet meeting, before the National Convention, in March in Alba Iulia.



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