Lions Club Ploiesti Meeting: CEP NOVEMBER 2014


Lions Club Ploiesti Meeting: CEP- final phase

Tuesday, 11 November, 2014, members of Lions Club Ploiesti participated at the final phase of  Club Excellence Process. The program was of great success among members and we decided  to repeat  such assessments annually.

In this last session, we defined the action plan for achieving excellence, plan which we hope to implement as soon as possible.

Community needs assessments and Evaluation of member’s assessments, greater contributed in achieving the main objective of CEP: Excellence!

We analyzed the club attributes of excellence, the areas of improvement and our long-term objectives. We learned to analyze the club's defects, weaknesses, and learned how to bring quality into our work of service.

To highlight the community needs, we addressed letters of intention and community assessments to  authorities and people within Prahova County community, in order to provide volunteer services to cover these needs.
Members also completed questionnaires, that helped us to better define pluses and minuses within the club, what complaints do they have regarding their activity.

In Ploiesti, we want to build a strong club, closer to the needs of the community with active and committed members to the  lionism principle of  serving those in need.
Willing to win, desire to succeed, the motivation to reach its full potential, characterized, throughout the CEP program, Ploiesti Lions Club members and are the keys that will open the door of excellence in lionism for our club.

CEP helped us become more united, stronger. Now we know what "weapons" we have to fulfill our mission of service, but we also know what we need to correct, for this mission to be one of success until the end.

Maybe perfection is not attainable, but, by chasing it, we can achieve undoubtedly, Excellence!

We serve!!!


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