School, as we all know is the institution that prepares, educates young members of the society in view of its socialization. School is the one that opens one's eyes to the Universe of knowledge, of the world in which one lives.

It has the role of developing the skills and creating motivation leverages in its  social activities. That is why they say about a superior man that is schooled, that went through school, was educated.

Lions Club Ploiesti, understands the importance of supporting education among children from disadvantaged backgrounds, therefore, Thursday, 11 September, 2014, our club members prepared an action through which 31 children were given the chance to go on the first day of school with backpacks and all necessary requisition.

As it was the second act of this kind, conducted by our club, we chose this year the local school in the Village of  Valea Cucului, Iordăcheanu Common, Prahova County, where 31 children received the backpacks and requisitions for starting the new school year.

Thereby, children received all necessary to welcome the first day of school with optimism and confidence.

Lions Club Ploiesti, aware that school is important in human life and encourages each time the children not to give up their dreams, passions and desires.



Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world, made up of people with a recognized moral and social position, able to improve the fate of the poor, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


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