“From soul to angels”

In Ploiesti, Lions Club members, try to be in service of their community, whenever they can, so that, when their colleagues and friends, from Lions Club Decan Bucharest, asked for help in organizing a project for children, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, they could not refuse.

And so, was born the project “From soul to angels”, project whose main objective was to raise funds for the 30 children diagnosed with Down. They are supported by Soul Angel Association, founded in 2010, based on the idea of helping children with disabilities and their families, to integrate these children into society and inform parents about this genetic disease. Basically, the association helps these children, that sometimes are marginalized by society, have a better life, access to education, proper treatments etc.

Down syndrome is a terrible genetic disorder, but such a child, with this problem, should not be excluded from society, because if they are helped and guided by experts, they can have a normal life. The event  that was held Saturday, June 7, 2014, H11:00, Mogosoaia - Brancovenesc Palaces, and gathered Lions club members from Club Dean Bucharest, Ploiesti, Leo Sunshine and many other friends, supporters, volunteers, representatives of local authorities, local mass- media etc.

They all came there to support from all their soul, this project, whose main purpose was to raise funds or needed resources, to provide therapies for children: occupational therapy/individual/group therapy; music therapy, Bowen therapy, logo therapy sessions etc.

The show within the event was provided by children from School 179 Bucharest, School no.2 Buftea, actors from Corifeu Theater, Zadan dance school, Schufellgarden-kindergarden, District 1 Childrens Club, Amicii group etc, and consisted of artistic moments with dancing, singing, drama and many other surprises, made by kids that volunteered, and that “faced” heat for more than 2 hours for this event, meant helping children in need!

Also, was arranged a clay modeling workshop, where visitors were invited to leave their children to draw under the supervision of Mrs. Stefana Miret, along with a team of volunteers. Entrance fee to workshop was 2 lei (0,50 Euro).

All within the event, volunteer children, from involved schools, set up a stand where they sold sweets, juices and other delights to the participants, of course under the guide and attention of adults and Leo volunteers. Money collected from strands, workshop and sponsors, were donated to families of children with Down syndrome.

We were deeply impressed by the initiative of children that participated in this event. They were so small (ages between 6 to13 years) and yet so aware that the world can become a better place only if they contribute too! We bow to their power to serve society and hope they'll become  beautiful and generous adults !

Lions Club Ploiesti members, are honored that could support their colleagues from Lions Decan Bucharest, in this wonderful action. We haven't cured this children, haven't discovered remedy for this genetic disease, but for a while we offered a ray of hope to children and their families.

We hope, our initiative will be followed by other people, because we want to help this society change into better, offering our own example!

WE SERVE!!!!!!


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