In a warm starting of spring, at Sucevita, Lions members from all the country, were coming for participating at the third Cabinet Meeting of District 124 Romania, between 21 and 22 March 2014, on Friday and Saturday.

Lions Club Ploiesti was participate again to the meeting. The Club was reprezented by two members who had  function in the lions organization, at the national  level.

At this cabinet meeting, we were honored by the presence of the First International Vice Governor Joe Preston with his wife, which were in a visit of District 124 Romania.

On Friday evening we visited the Community Services Complex"Sfantul Ierarh Leontie" of  Bogdana Monastery from Radauti. In this complex, live children with ages between three and more then eighteen years. They are helped and trained by the personnel which includes professors and another persons, volunteers from community.

The children, around 125, benefits by the good conditions of life, which compensate in a small part their parents absence.

The little children, with age under seven years, told us poems and sang little spring songs. For their work, they received o chocolate from Lions present members.

We understand some aspects, after the Cabinet Meeting, on Sucevita, Saturday, 22 March 2014:

  •          International Vice Governor Joe Preston message
  •          awareness and significance to be a lions member
  •          proposals for the transition from District status to the Multi District status
  •          Lions Quest program - will be organized training seminars in country, in romanian language
  •          the importance of numerical growth,  and quality of lions members

We thank to the organizators from Lions Club Radauti and Lions Club Suceava. Lions members  from all over the country were part of the same Lions family.


Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world, made up of people with a recognized moral and social position, able to improve the fate of the poor, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


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