EYE SCREENING at Gornetu- Cricov MARCH 2014

Through the action "Eye Screening" program taken from Lions International, Lions Club Ploiesti performed free eye screening at the Gymnasium School in Gornet - Cricov, Prahova county, on Wednesday, 26 March 2014.

Were benefited from this action, 15 children in 4th class, 19 children in the 3rd class and 17 in the zero class.

Eye screening at children detects defects which can be remedied, more easily than if left to evolve and treated in adulthood.
Through the eyes of a child, the world is a feast of colors and shapes. The view is a window to the world and is essential for their ability to learn. If a child does not see well, the world is a different place in which to live and learn is a challenge. Fastest development of the visual system occurs in the first six months of life and continues until age 9.
If problems are not detected and treated in time, the child will have difficulty learning in school and as an adult will be hard for him to learn different skills at work. Therefore, is very important that the evaluation of vision be made since very young.

Members of our club, support every time they can, eye screening actions, being aware of the reasons for such screening is beneficial, if done at children:

$1-        children cannot tell us not  they see well and therefore rely on adults detection of visual problems ;

$1-         blurred vision causes no pain and often parents do not realize when their children have difficulty in seeing clearly;

$1-        one of 20 preschool children may experience visual disturbances that can lead to permanent changes in vision ;

$1-         if the screening is positive exam , eye doctor will perform a complete eye exam and determine if the child has any sight problem.

Testing is easy, fast, no drops or further investigation. The measurement result is either "pass the test”  or the "Need advice" , in which case the examination will be completed with a comprehensive eye exam.

Screening results from Gornetu - Cricov, made ​​us reach a painful conclusion, many children aged between 6 and 11 years have vision problems.  At 4th class where the average age is 10-11 years, we found 6 of 15 children  with problems,  at 3rd class , 3 of the 19  children have problems, and the most alarming case at the Zero Class, where we found 8 of 17 children with visual impairments .

Results of tests, will  be given to the parents, at a meeting organized by children's teachers, specially to discuss about the Eye Screening, in order to take measures to correct the problems that were found.

Our Club is mobilized whenever It cans, in actions of eye screening. We are glad to serve society by attempting to detect and treat vision problems that can affect children. 


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