Ploiesti meeting JANUARY 2014

LIONS CLUB Ploiesti meeting 29 January 2014Wednesday, January 29, 2014, took place, the monthly meeting of the Lions Club Ploiesti members.
We discussed topics such as :
-the impact of the concert “A Bright Christmas”

- new activities for January -March
- Establish the new leadership for 2014-2015Among the actions contemplated by the members, is the action about collecting books for schools in Moldova, in collaboration with two other Lions clubs in Romania ( Bacau and LC Sfantul Gheorghe ) .
Also another action that will be put into practice , is that of endowing various schools in Prahova County with printers and computers.
This two ambitious new actions of Lions Club Ploiesti were   enthusiastically embraced by the members .
At the meeting from 29 January , two volunteers were accepted in a gorgeus ceremony as LIONS members

The new members are Elida Galdau and Dragos Podaru . They had as sponsors, Carmen Tache , respectively George Theodorescu .
For us ,the investment of new members is a ritual , which is not held only in the day when the persons are accepted in the club.All those who are part of our club , have shown that they deserve this honor and proved they embrace and live by promoting the values ​​of Lions .Club members have openly discussed , proposed new projects, but did not forget the actions that have established the lionistic actions in Prahova County : eye screening , blood sugar screening , planting trees etc. .We want people to see in our club a support , so the continuity of actions they start is extremely important .

The work we choose to do every day in this club, is gradually becoming   the work of our lives.We are convinced that the wolrd around us, owes us nothing.

We are the ones who owe the world everything.
All our actions are our way of expressing our gratitude to the society we live in , and our manner of returning to the world, a part of what we've received.



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