Diabetes Screening Valea Plopului November 2012

                                Diabetes screening for the children from Valea Plopului

On  14 November we celebrate the national Day of Diabetes, a day dedicated to information about a  disease which affect over 350 millions persons at mondial level.

Diabetes can be easy diagnosed by determination of sugar quantity in blood (glucose), and the actual treatments with an adequate diet and a schedule for phisically effort can assure a good control of this disease.

Lions International Association make during each year programes for identification in real time of the high glucose values, for informing the peolpe about the risks and complication of this disease. For the same program, in each year, are iluminate the buildings in the towns which are involved at mondial level. 

Lions Club Ploiesti organized this year a screening for diabetes on 30 November 2011, a day when celebrate Sf.Andrei, who was the first Jesus Christ apprentice and is the saint for romanian people.  We choosed for this action the Vale Plopului Complex, founded by priest Tanase, a man who put his entire life serving God. He respects the christian rule to love neighbor like we love our person.

Association ProVita-for born and un-born represent the fight  for a man who want to give the hope in children souls. The children who haven’t parents, who haven’t love and protection, without parents love, were enjoyed of a real home.

Father Tanase, who has six children, was begining a real war against abortion. The mothers were convinced to born child and after this the child remained in his care. Over 20 years he has care by abandoned children, without parents, young people give out from the children’s home. In the camp from hill are over 300 un guilty souls, who look at the father eyes like to a real father. He received the force and the power to built houses, to raise founds for ensure the food and daily care of them. Of course, the children are sent to school and to church for the school education and spiritual.

Today on Valea Plopului –Valea Screzii is another world where doesn’t exist selfishness. The comunity sustains the father effort,  taking in their houses the children, for care and to offer their love.

Here, in this world, where exist the hope and goodness, love for everybody and the children smile, have find peace and silence, members of Lions Club Association Ploiesti decided to make the glucose tests for the children. Were made tests for a number of aproximatively 150 children by the medical specialists: doctor Diana Poiana and assistant Iuliana Gheorghe. Were identified some glucose values over normal limits, but the medical assistant from the Centre, who oversees the chidren, has promis us to take care with them.

Lions Club Ploiesti Association has brought to the children from Valea Plopului food in value of 2500 RON: sugar, oil, flour, candies, fruits etc.


Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world, made up of people with a recognized moral and social position, able to improve the fate of the poor, united by friendship and animated by the desire to serve.


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