Meeting of Cabinet Sinaia November 2012

 The Second Meeting of Cabinet - Sinaia, 9 to 11 November 2012


The second meeting of cabinet, of Governor Lions Clubs District 124 Romania was organized by Lions Club Ploiesti.

Club members were mobilized to plan and organize very well the cabinet meeting. If the general lines of organization we have proposed starting a few months ago, during one month preceding the meeting we had several meetings to provide all the details related to this event.

At the last club meeting dedicated to organizing the event in Sinaia, was participated District Governor Paul Grecu, we have advised on the program but also on organizational issues.

Friday, November 9, 2012 arrived pretty quickly, so Ploiesti club members were all mobilized in Sinaia, Hotel Rina to greet her friends lions from the most clubs in the country, who came in numbers enough large to participate at the announced event: second cabinet meeting of the Governor.

Friday evening we met for dinner with all our friends - younger or oldest from our country, but also we meet our colleagues from clubs LEO who participated to their cabinet meeting. Good humor and mirth have embraced the participants, so Friday ended with dance in an atmosphere of music and entertainment provided by the Sinaia hotel.

Cabinet meeting began with the singing of hymns followed by the reports of Governor Paul Grecu report, Vice Governor Mirela Grigorovici, District Secretary and Treasurer, Stefan Postolache and Dorin Mirea. The members of Lions Club Ploiesti was praised for organizing the meeting and for two days spent in Sinaia.

Also at the meeting were judged posters for peace. Winning poster at the District this year comes from the Lions Club Bacau, being conducted by a child from the local school art.

Meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere, friendly, ending with the movie about boats competition - between members of Lions clubs around the country, which was held this year in October, at Snagov. Must say, the winner of this competition was Tony Tache from the Lions Club Ploiesti.

On Saturday afternoon took place the first Cultural Workshop coordinated by the actors Cristina Deleanu and Eugen Cristea. Two lions members who delighted the audience with the theme Who has (or not) - theater needs?

Dinner was particularly appreciated by Lions present members, who enjoy a show developed from the beginning to the end of the evening. The debut was made of a talented child of School no.14, Ploiesti who plays light music. The four components of the quartet that followed are students at the Music Academy and they are former graduates of the school music in Ploiesti. They played music parts by famous classical composers, charming audiences with their interpretation. The actors Cristina Deleanu and Eugen Cristea, along with other club friends, claimed two famous plays whose texts were written by IL Caragiale, on the occasion of Caragiale year, which was celebrated this year in the hometown of the great writer, Ploiesti. Atmosphere was maintained by good music and a program presented by the ballet troupe led by Ionut Macinic from Ploiesti.

You must remember that the evening was a success due the entertainer, actor Serban Dragusanu, also a lions member. Through his performance, we received a money sum, unexpectedly high, at auction organized. This money will be used to buy some ​​goods (TV, ping-pong games) for children with special educational problems from Plopeni Placement Center, Prahova County. The objects auctioned were made by the children from that school, coordinated by the teachers from the school which is part of the Placement Center.

After the effort to organize the event, we can say that we have been rewarded with many thanks and appreciations from our friends lions, which have appreciated the all stay in Sinaia.

Despite fatigue and stress inherent in organizing such a big event, we, members of Lions Club Ploiesti were also happy with what we managed to do together, for the event itself and for children with problems from Plopeni Centre, that we want to visit again with the occasion of this Christmas who is coming.


Second Cabinet Meeting – Sinaia, 09-11 November 2012

The second cabinet meeting was organized on period 09-11 November 2012, at Sinaia, Prahova County, Rina hotel, by the members of  Lions Club Ploiesti.

One of the main subject of the meeting was the selection for Poster Peace edition 2012. The winner was a poster realized by a child from Bacau.

To this event,  were participated around eighty person, lions members and accompanying person.

Was organized an auction with pictures, deco-objects realized by the children with special education needs  from the Placement  Center Plopeni. The money received will be use to buy some things for this center: TV, educational games.

The event was very appreciated by the participants who congratulated the  hosts, the members of Lions Club Ploiesti. They  participated 90 % to this event and 100% to organize.


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