Sight Screening October 2012

Sight Screening-2012

„Clear sight, healthy eyes” is the logo with which, the members of Lions Club Ploiesti were participated with love, like the past year, to the screening actions for children, with the hope what,  by their activity, will contribute unconditioned to the identifing and reducing the sight problems.

Thursday, October 18, 2012, Association of Lions Club Ploiesti were developed their action Free eye screening for preschool and school children, in middle school and the kindergarten from Vărbilău village, Iordăcheanu commune, Prahova county. The beneficiaries of the free advice, were about 70 children aged between three and ten years.

Thank you to lord mayor of Iordăcheanu, Professor Poiana Ion, who supported us and helped to organize the screening.

Action resumed by our club members, Tuesday, October 30, 2012, when we were present at Secondary School with classes I-VIII, Magureni, Prahova county. Here, we managed that in one rainy autumn afternoon, to test all children in kindergarten and preparatory groups, and largest in III and IV classes. In total 120 children were evaluated with ages between five and eleven. Mister Furdui Ioan, the school Director, was very open to our initiative and well organized this action. Partnership established with school showed us that our action was successful and will return next year to try to prevent and identify early vision problems for children.

Plus Optix equipment used to measure some ophthalmic parameters necessary in identifying vision problems. This is a modern device, non-invasive, which allows the children at a very young age, even at 6 months of age. Using specific software, each evaluated person gets a sheet resulting from measurement data. The data identified for each patient, indicating the presence or absence of vision problems. The children identified with problems were guided by practices of pediatric ophthalmology specialist in order to receive appropriate treatment. This can result in complete correction of vision impairment, considering the young age of the patient.

It should be noted that a big number of children were identified with vision problems, about 50% of the total. Our pediatrician doctor, Diana Poiana, a member of the club, guided them by medical letter specialty clinics.

Children examined were receptive and obedient so that the action went very well. Finally they received an egg kinder from Lions Club members, which has thrilled and also thanked a lot.

The club is in the third year, when, around October 15- the International Day of Vision, held this action to identify vision problems at children of school or preschool age.

The actions from October are the first in a series that we want to operate this lionistic year for children from Prahova county. We want to benefit from this free screening as many children and also, the problems occur in as few as possible.

Ophthalmological screening is part of the actions series for prevention and early detection of vision problems for children. This will be completed in November with diabetes screening for mark again this year to the International Day of Diabetes.


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