Lions Club Ploiesti together with Lions Club Bucharest Dean went in Valea Plopului-Valea Scrtezii in December to perform an ophthalmologic screening and screening for diabetes for the children who where there, They donating a quantity of food, fruits and sweets needed for care daily of over 300 children who are here.


The present lions were impressed by the dedication and passion of the people who, together with Father Tanase, are like true parents for homeless children.


Association ProVita-for born and un-born represent the fight  for a man who want to give the hope in children souls. The children who haven’t parents, who haven’t love and protection, without parents love, were enjoyed of a real home.


Father Tanase, who has six children, was beginning a real war against abortion. The mothers were convinced to born child and after this the child remained in his care. Over 20 years he has care by abandoned children, without parents, young people give out from the children’s home.


Today on Valea Plopului –Valea Screzii is another world where doesn’t exist selfishness. The comunity sustains the father effort, taking in their houses the children, for care and to offer their love.


120 children and adult supervisors were evaluated, 15% of whom were visually impaired.


Children and staff enjoyed our gesture, gladly received the gifts and impressed us through their everyday joy and the power to move on.

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